Final Project Guidelines

Assignment 4 (final project), 25 %

As the culminating assignment of the course, this project asks you to consider the ways in which various media–images, video, audio, etc.–can be used to make arguments or to enrich written arguments. You will create an argument using any form of media other than strictly traditional writing; it may be anything from an image-based collage, to a song, to a Youtube video, and you will present your argument to the class in a presentation. Finally, you will write a 600-word essay in which you analyze the rhetorical choices you made to present your argument. All essays will be due by 5:00PM on Friday, April 27.

Your presentation should run between five-ten minutes. We will devote the last six class periods of the semester to your presentations, from Wednesday, April 11 to Wednesday, April 25. Please e-mail me no later than Wednesday, April 4th with your preference for a presentation date. If you do not e-mail me by April 4, I will assign you a presentation date.

About Francesca Marinaro

Instructor of English/PhD. Candidate, Department of English, University of Florida
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