Blog Prompt # 6

Blog Prompt # 6: for the week of February 19-24

This week’s prompt asks you to continue thinking about the ways that we respond to visual arguments.

Search for a photography-related blog post, and after examining it carefully, respond to the following questions: What is the subject of the image? What do you think the photographer is intending to convey with this image? and does he/she convey that image effectively? What, if any text accompanies the image, and how does it enrich or detract from the image (i.e. if there is a caption, what is its purpose? Is it an objectively worded description of the photograph or one that prompts you to view the photograph from a particular angle?)

Respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by midnight on Saturday, February 25.

About Francesca Marinaro

Instructor of English/PhD. Candidate, Department of English, University of Florida
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