Blog Prompt # 5

Blog Prompt # 5: for the week of February 12-18

This week’s prompt asks you to consider the ways in which social media impacts the flow of news and information both positively and negatively.

In light of the tragic death of Whitney Houston on Saturday, February 11, consider the media via which you generally receive high-profile news stories- i.e. television, news papers (either print or online), Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. When and how did you learn about Whitney Houston’s death? How actively have you been following the coverage of the story, and via what medium (i.e. television, Twitter, Facebook, etc). IF you are not a “fan”, are you still drawn to the coverage, and if so, why? To what extent is your interest influenced by social media? Without social media tools, how much time do you think would have elapsed before you received the news, and how diligently do you think you might have followed the subsequent coverage? To what extent do you think this story has taken priority over other high-profile stories, whether the current birth control reform controversy, the presidential election race, or either of the two major award ceremonies being televised this weekend (The Grammy Awards and the British Film and Television Awards)? What are the benefits of learning about high-profile news stories almost instantaneously via social media? What are the drawbacks? Has social media sensationalized news coverage, or has it simply made us more aware of the entertainment element of news that has always existed?

Respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by midnight on Saturday, February 18.

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Instructor of English/PhD. Candidate, Department of English, University of Florida
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