Blog Prompt #1

Blog Prompt #1: for the week of January 15-21

This week’s prompt asks you to consider the overall objective of the course blog assignment: the role of audience in the act of writing and the ways that social media–and more specifically blogging–informs and enriches writer-audience dynamics. Note: this prompt requires that you spend a few minutes (ten or fifteen) on at least three times over the course of this week. features a “Freshly Pressed” page featuring some of the most popular blogs on a given day–those that have received the most traffic, comments, etc. Take a few minutes during at least three days over the course of the next week to examine the featured posts; at the end of the week, respond to the following:

What topics seem to generate the most interest on the site? What writing style (i.e. humorous, serious, academic) seem to be most prominently featured? What do readers seem to look for in blog content? Entertainment? Information? Some combination of the two? How do features like “Freshly Pressed” acknowledge and respond to the need for audience awareness in the writing process?

Respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by Saturday, January 21.

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Instructor of English/PhD. Candidate, Department of English, University of Florida
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