Assignment 1 Guidelines

Assignment 1, 1200 words, due Wednesday, February 15, 15 %

This assignment asks you to apply the rhetorical strategies we have studied together thus far in the course.

Locate a written argument–an editorial, a review of a film, book, television show, a product review, etc–and analyze the effectiveness of that argument based on its structure using any of the rhetorical theories we have covered (Aristotelian, Rogerian, or Toulmin). The objective of the assignment is not to refute the argument, but rather to assess the rhetorical devices employed by the writer to determine whether or not those devices are effective in making the argument.

Be sure to refer directly to the text you are analyzing, and use MLA style of documentation when quoting and citing your source. Your essay must be double-spaced, in 12 point font, Times New Roman. You will bring drafts of your essay to class on Friday, February 10 for a peer-editing workshop, and your completed essay is to be submitted in the appropriate E-Learning drop box no later than 12 PM on Wednesday, February 15.

About Francesca Marinaro

Instructor of English/PhD. Candidate, Department of English, University of Florida
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